Is a Degree Worth the Investment?

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College degrees, from bachelor degrees in business to masters in social work programs from schools like Rutgers University, are definitely expensive today, and they’re sometimes too expensive for a lot of students to even consider going to college. Plus, many students end up taking on outrageously expensive student loans that are extremely difficult to pay back, even if they’re able to find employment once they graduate. But is a degree still worth the investment today? The simple answer to this question is, yes, it’s worth your time and money. Keep reading to learn why.

You Can Get a Higher Salary and Better Benefits

Whether you attend a brick and mortar college or you get your MSW online from a university, you can expect that the degree will qualify you for a higher salary and better benefits once you’re looking for a new job. In fact, a study that was done at Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce proved that jobs that pay a median income of $53,000 or more and offer benefits make up about half of the new jobs that have been added as part of the economic recovery in the US, and nearly 100% of those jobs were given to college grads.

Risks vs. Returns on Your Investment

When you invest in a degree, whether you’re going for your first bachelor’s degree or you’re thinking about going back to school for your master’s degree or your PhD, you’ll essentially be investing in yourself. And, like any other investment, there are risks and returns that you need to consider.

Basically, going to college and spending a lot of your money on a degree program is risky, but the returns on your investment will be more than worthwhile. If you want to enter a dynamic and exciting career that will allow you to make a difference, and if you want to advance your existing career and make more money and get better benefits from your job, you should definitely take the time to get a degree that will differentiate you from other job candidates and allow you to apply to more job openings.

You’ll Learn Transferrable Skills

Remember that, even if you’re unable to find a job in the field of study that you pursued while you were in school, you’ll have gained loads of valuable and transferrable skills by the time you graduate. Those skills can be used to apply for a variety of job opportunities and to prove your worth. You can, for example, get a degree in business marketing but then apply to work as a manager at a startup company, or you can work in a non-profit organization, even if it isn’t in the marketing department specifically, because you’ll still have valuable business insights and skills that employers will be interested in.

As you can see, getting a degree is still worth the investment, regardless of how expensive it might be. With so many schools to choose from, including online degree programs, you can find the most affordable option for your needs.


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