Insider Trading News: Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA), Walt Disney Co (DIS), American Airlines Group Inc (AAL), Electronic Arts Inc. (EA)

Recently, various executives have taken part in insider trading activity for the stocks of Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS), American Airlines Group Inc (NASDAQ:AAL), and Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA).

Tesla Motors Inc

Director Brad Buss disposed 15,333 Tesla shares, valued at $3,185,507, in two transactions dated May 12 and 13. The insider currently has 5,882 shares of the company worth $1,220,809.

According to, which measures corporate insiders’ success based on their transactions, Brad Buss has an average return of -16.5% and a 45%success rate. Buss is ranked #32,388 out of 35,325 corporate insiders.

Walt Disney Co

Director Maria Elena Lagomasino purchased 980 Walt Disney shares worth $99,940, in a single transaction dated May 12, as reported in the SEC filing yesterday. Following the insider-buying transaction, her stake in Walt Disney has now grown to 2819 shares with a value of $283,365 .

According to TipRanks, Maria Elena Lagomasino has an average return of -1.5% and a 67%success rate. Lagomasino is ranked #18,011 out of 35,325 corporate insiders.

American Airlines

Director Jeffrey Benjamin acquired 35,000 American Airlines shares, in a $1,112,300 transaction dated May 13. Benjamin now owns indirectly (by Jeffrey Benjamin 2009 Family Trust) 35,000 AAL shares, and 11,002 shares directly. According to, Jeffrey Benjamin has an average return of 24,1% and a 75% success rate. Benjamin is ranked #5,576 out of 35,325 corporate insiders.

Electronic Arts Inc.

COO Peter Moore and SVP Samantha Smith, all realized selling transactions of Electronic Arts shares.

Director Denise Warren unloaded 2,500 EA shares, valued at 187,125, in one transaction dated May 12. Following the selling transaction, Warren holds 12,595 EA shares, worth $944,625. According to, Warren has an average return of -8% and an 80% success rate. Warren is ranked #22,300 out of 35,325 corporate insiders.

COO Peter Moore sold 18,475 shares (18.6% of his total stake), in two transaction dated May 12. The COO now holds 80,754 shares, valued at $6,056,550.

In addition, SVP Samantha Smith, divested entire direct stake in EA, which amounted 4,029 shares in a $304,472 transaction, dated May 12.


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