This Trading Strategy Loves the Trump Driven Chaos


Donald Trump’s election will continue fueling the market volatility, and the award winning DailyInsider trading strategy will keep benefiting from it. By recommending four aggressive day-trading stocks to open and close each day, this model was able to take full advantage of the recent chaos. Yesterday’s newsletter recommended HWAY for a huge 7% gain. But even during the worst of days, such as Nov 2nd, when the intra-day S&P500 movement was over 0.5% down, the newsletter we sent recommended CRR for a big 7.5% rake in.


But, listing specific successful picks is easy; consistently beating the market is hard. Here is our full monthly performance, all four picks, and their audited returns. Want to learn how we do it? Subscribe to the DailyInsider and our other award winning services HERE.

Even though the recent month has been very beneficial to the DailyInsider, recent years have also outpeformed the market by a wide margin.