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The Only Facebook (FB) Bear Continues to Bet Against the Stock; Here’s Why

Ever since leaving the sidelines on FB last summer, Pivotal’s Brian Wieser is out with a slew of pessimistic reasons to run despite the bullish majority cheering on Wall Street.

MKM Cuts Price Target on Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Ahead of Q2 Print

MKM’s Ruben Roy awaits more product traction in the higher-end market from AMD, finding this “elusive” for now.

IBM: Analyst Sees 1Q:18 Earnings as a “Slight Disappointment”; What’s Next?

GBH’s Daniel Ives is bracing for the second quarter guide to put IBM shares in some hot water after last night’s first quarter print.

GoPro (GPRO): Takeout or No Takeout? That’s the Market’s Question; Analyst Shares Split Thoughts

Longbow Research’s Joe Wittine sees 60% to 40% odds in favor of GoPro accepting a M&A deal by the end of the year.

Analyst Provides First Glance on Netflix (NFLX) ‘Eye Popping’ 1Q:18 Earnings

Subscriber additions propel Netflix to near all-time high; GBH’s Daniel Ives joins the party.

GBH Sets Expectations on Netflix (NFLX) Ahead of 1Q:18 Earnings Monday

GBH’s Daniel Ives sees plenty of growth levers in Netflix’s back pocket that have him confidently rooting for the giant’s momentum.

Apple (AAPL) Is Among the World’s Most Underappreciated Stocks, Top Analyst Cheers

Brian White is placing an enthusiastic bet on Apple, angling for a whopping 36% in return potential for the tech giant.

Tesla (TSLA): Goldman Sachs Just Got More Bearish on Model 3 Production Track

Goldman Sachs’ analyst David Tamberrino now looks for a sharp 36% downside for Tesla shares.

Tesla (TSLA): Is the Recent Move Enough to Lift the Stock? Guggenheim Weighs In

Guggenheim’s Rob Cihra notes that once Tesla achieves its crucial Model 3 goals, investors can better see all the reasons to be bullish on TSLA.