Hot News: TipRanks Launches Innovative New Stock Tracking App

TipRanks is now offering a first of its kind mobile app. This is the ultimate stock tracking tool to manage your investments and maximize your returns. Join millions of investors to get new investment inspiration and portfolio analysis every day. Available now on the App Store<<

“Half a million people are already using the TipRanks platform directly and over five million use the TipRanks tools through our partnerships with Nasdaq, Etrade, InteractiveBrokers, etc. It’s become such a vital tool that there was a growing demand to introduce a mobile app” explains TipRanks CEO Uri Gruenbaum.

This innovative stock tracker app brings TipRanks’ comprehensive data capabilities and powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms into one simple platform. Now users can access key data points, find fresh investment ideas backed by top analysts- and actively track their portfolios- all within an intuitive user experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

The app, currently for the iOS platform, consists of three separate tools which users can gain access to a la carte: The Portfolio Tracker, My Performance, and Investment Ideas.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at these three options now:

The Portfolio Tracker

The Portfolio Tracker allows you to pool all your stocks, so you can monitor and track all your crucial portfolio statistics in one simple place. Find real time quotes, portfolio analysis & monitoring tools, as well as the overall bullish and bearish sentiments on each stock from analysts and bloggers. For example, based on 169 financial blogger opinions we can see that the blogger sentiment on Apple is 82% bullish right now, while analysts have a cautiously optimistic Moderate Buy AAPL consensus.

Plus the TipRanks app also provides a tool for individual investors to monitor news affecting each portfolio stock, enabling the combining of this with other types of data sources to bring an edge to your specific strategy. All the articles are hyperlinked to the original news source so you can easily pull up all the most relevant news in one simple swipe.

My Performance

Harness the wisdom of the crowd with the My Performance tool. This feature lets you compare your investing performance to hundreds of thousands of other investors. You can draw fresh insights from the data regarding your portfolio performance, allocation and volatility. By comparing these data points to the market, or even to the best-performing TipRanks investors, you may decide to adjust your investment strategy going forward.

The portfolio risk analysis enables you to see how your portfolio risk (beta) measures up. Most investment professionals agree that one tactic in reducing risk is to better diversify your assets. Your risk profile here could indicate whether you should consider further diversifying your portfolio holdings.

Investment Ideas

Which hot stocks is the market getting excited about right now? The Investment Ideas page provides exclusive investment ideas based on TipRanks’ unique market insights into financial expert activity. Keep your finger on the pulse and discover the latest best-rated stocks from analysts with The Trending Stocks tool- just one of the Investment Ideas features.

Right now, for example, the Trending Stocks tool shows that in the last 30 days top-stock Amazon has a very bullish blogger rating and analyst consensus rating. Indeed, in the last three months AMZN has received no less than 35 buy ratings vs just 2 hold ratings. Meanwhile the average analyst price target revealed over 16% upside potential from the current share price.

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