Here’s Why AMERI Holdings (AMRH) Stock Doubled Today

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It’s a very rewarding trading day for investors in AMERI Holdings (Ameri100)(NASDAQ:AMRH) with shares up over 200%, making the stock Wall Street’s bull of the day.

Why the excitement? Look no further than the company’s most recent press release. The technology management services firm announced a partnership with machine learning (ML) company Bayestree Intelligence. Through its new partnership, Ameri100 will deliver a paradigm shift in service management workflow processes through the application of machine learning techniques that infuses and embeds intelligence at every level of the service delivery process, automates repetitive service desk processes and generates cost savings across service delivery. Bayestree’s unique product, ‘Sentient’, assists Tier-1 product and business support teams resolve customer issues automatically using advanced machine learning techniques.

“Our partnership with Bayestree will extend Ameri100’s capabilities in support of digital and cloud sales opportunities at the center of enterprises’ business transformations,” stated Brent Kelton, Chief Executive Officer of Ameri100. “At a time when SAP is investing in machine learning to simplify enterprises’ transitions to the cloud with S/4 HANA, our ability to use machine learning as an engine to drive enterprises’ digital transformation aligns us with the needs of our clients and is very complimentary to SAP’s products.”

Sentient analyzes historical data issues, past resolutions as well as data collected from other related sources to learn, model and resolve. Sentient runs patent pending ML algorithms on customer’s issues or ticket data to train its model that is capable of drawing inferences as well as making predictions. Sentient can be transformative for customer support teams – across banks, insurance companies, healthcare, automobile, oil and gas, e-commerce, retail, citizen services or even datacenter/IT operations. Sentient transforms the customer service function in 3 distinct ways: –

1) Resolve: Sentient ‘suggestions’ (of Top 3 resolutions with high confidence levels) can be quickly leveraged by support teams to dramatically improve resolution times and increase productivity. If set up to auto-resolve Sentient can even proceed to pass the recommended resolution directly to the user/client or trigger a BOT built on commonly available RPA platforms. Sentient’s solvability currently stands at 80-95%;

2) Evolve: Sentient frees up corporate ‘cook books’ and all ‘how to’ documents from ‘experts’ and make them truly ‘live’ and cognitive. This functionality becomes extremely crucial as the underlying themes of issues evolve with changing nuances that corporate manuals are never able to keep pace with;

3) Involve: Theme based learning and analytics allows Sentient to be always cognizant of dominant issue themes, spot even the most subtle deviations and intelligently predict emergent themes based on advanced anomaly detection techniques. Sentient early alerts thus can significantly strengthen business response to any customer usage, behavior or need shifts – however gradual or abrupt.

Sentient strictly follows an on-premise or customer-approved cloud-based installation strategy so as to steer clear of confidentiality and data residency issues.

“We are excited to work with Ameri100 and look forward to transforming enterprise customer service,” stated Avijit Biswas, Chief Executive Officer of Bayestree Intelligence.

Analyst Ratings

If we turn to the Street in general, we can see that the stock has only one analyst rating. Northland Securities analyst Robert Breza rates AMRH a Buy with a $6 price target, which implies 145% from current levels. (To watch Breza’s track record, click here)

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