Remark Holdings, Inc. (MARK) Shares Soar 20% – Here’s Why

Remark Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:MARK) is a mover and shaker out on the Street today, with investors sparking the stock on an almost 20% upturn. The reason? The global digital media technology company announced that Sina Weibo is launching its first augmented-reality-enabled mobile application, named SuiShouPai. Remark Holdings’ KanKan subsidiary implemented SuiShouPai’s core augmented-reality feature using KanKan’s 3D facial-feature-tracking technology.

Remark Holdings’ Chairman and CEO Kai-Shing Tao commented, “We not only created a facial tracking system that we believe is far superior to existing technologies, but we also created 3D filters that can be used socially among friends or used to identify business opportunities in various industries, such as in the cosmetics field […] Our contract with Sina Weibo continues to demonstrate that we are able to monetize our artificial-intelligence technology, including facial and object recognition.”

By choosing KanKan’s AI technology, Sina Weibo is using one of the world’s most advanced 3D facial-feature-tracking technologies, which makes the best mobile 3D augmented reality possible.  KanKan’s software, which was developed over the last several years using millions of globally-sourced facial feature samples, can precisely recognize and track the movements of hundreds of different facial features. The additional samples made available through SuiShouPai will enable KanKan’s facial-recognition technologies to better understand various facial expressions by improving the underlying AI’s ability to learn human emotions based on changes in facial features.

Remark Holdings uses “deep learning”, a type of algorithm-based machine learning that is used to model high-level abstractions in data, to train its artificial intelligence products.  Utilizing KanKan’s extensive data sets to train its KanKan Artificial Intelligence Platform with tens of millions of supervised and unsupervised samples allows Remark Holdings to develop models that extract facial features and recognize objects, such as branded logos, animals or license plates, with a high degree of precision.

The KanKan Artificial Intelligence Platform is designed as a one-stop shop that will provide small to large enterprises and developers with the ability to customize and train their own artificial-intelligence models for their businesses, with stable and ready-to-use artificial-intelligence modeling stacks and pre-trained models.

On the ratings front, Roth Capital analyst Darren Aftahi assigned a Buy rating on MARK, with a price target of $8, in a report issued on October 5. The current price target represents a potential upside of 121% from where the stock is currently trading. According to, Aftahi has a yearly average return of 5.7%, a 51% success rate, and is ranked #911 out of 4698 analysts.

Remark Holdings engages in owning and operating digital media properties. It provides websites and applications for mobile devices, which include travel, personal finance, social media, young adult lifestyle, and entertainment.

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