Digital Power Corporation Makes the Street Go Wild as Subsidiary Coolisys Technologies Brings Its First Cryptocurrency Hardware to a Booming Market

Digital Power Corporation (NYSE:DPW) is leaving smoke behind as the diversified electronic company sparks on a 30% upward turn following news that its wholly owned subsidiary Coolisys Technologies, Inc. intends to let loose a new advanced technology power systems line-up. Coolisys’ target is set for digital mining of cryptocurrencies, a market that is soaring beyond $300 billion, with the tech-centric firm’s eyes on catering to the likes of Bitcoin and other leading digital currency players throughout the world.

Worthy of note, digital mining is rapidly gaining popularity as well as powerhouse gains when looking at the last five years. Taking under account a company with 48 years under its belt of design expertise, manufacturing experience, all while garnering global adoption of its power solutions and systems, Coolisys finds itself in good standing here. Boasting solutions Coolisys takes pride to be efficient and durable, the company braces to tackle any challenges that may arise with expenses and power usage for a digital mining community exploding today. The company likewise is poised to adopt and implement additional technological upgrades.

The first miner AC-DC switching power supply Coolisys plans to produce is set for Bitmain Masters’ Antminer S9 model, now ready for pre-order. The first dedicated bitcoin miner seen in the market using an application-specific integrated circuit deemed “ASIC,” the Antminer S9 has attracted a popular following and high esteem. The Antminer S9 model’s design takes its lead from the sixteen nanometer process on its system.

Digital Power’s subsidiary has mentioned this fresh product line-up stems from its latest deal with PoW Digital Mining, revealed on August 10th, an agreement that highlights:

‘PoW Digital Mining is to lead its development of an equipment and services portfolio targeting Digital Mining and related research and development of cryptocurrency.

The active digital mining markets led by Bitcoin, Ethereum and the other 900+ digital currencies have created a budding hardware demand driving the need for efficient low-cost power solutions.’

For PoW Digital Mining, the key takeaway from the majority of professionals and amateurs alike actively mining cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Litecoin is a concern of energy costs. Block-chain transactions create power-thirsty cryptocurrency mining. This creates an atmosphere where the miners who prove the most successful are the ones that know how to get their hands on the best hash rates from their systems for the most economical cost.

With electricity continuously eating the most of mining expenses, it makes sense that the understanding how to maximize power supply efficiency proves to be crucial. Therefore, should PoW Digital Mining deliver even just a hair on efficiencies-turned-savings with a fresh crypto-mining power solutions lineup within a suite of products, the line is primed for commercial potential.

Amos Kohn, President and CEO of Coolisys Technologies and Digital Power Corporation stated, “We have a competitive advantage given our expertise in developing and providing advance power solutions for the tech, military, industrial and healthcare sectors. To power the AntMiner S9, we will utilize our field-proven platform, previously implemented to power cloud-based computing networks and servers, that employ highly-efficient power switching with fully synchronous rectification and advanced digital signal processing (DSP). Our power solutions are based on next-generation design and we believe are among the most technologically advanced power processing solutions available. We project our cryptocurrency initiatives and products could have a material effect on the Company’s revenues and net income for this component of its operations during 2018. We look forward to presenting what we are developing.”

“When we first met with the Digital Power in 2016 and were becoming familiar with its long history of manufacturing advanced power solutions, we recognized that the Company was underutilizing its technical knowledge base and product development capabilities. Our investment strategy included our looking forward to harnessing and leveraging these assets to provide a range of new product portfolios and expanding the Company’s revenue streams. We look forward over the coming months that the marketplace will continue to appreciate the abilities and potential of DPW, its management and staff and its strategies to bring added-value to our shareholders,” commented Milton “Todd” Ault, III, the Company’s Executive Chairman.

Digital Power engages in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of customized and flexible power system solutions. Its products include adapters, open frame, capacitor chargers, compact peripheral component interface, and front end. It operates though the North America and Europe geographic segments. The North America segment comprises sales through Digital Power Corporation.


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