Company Update (NYSE MKT:ISR): Thomas Jefferson University Launches Head and Neck Cancer Study Utilizing Cesium-131 Where Current Treatments Have Failed

IsoRay, Inc. (NYSE MKT:ISR), a medical technology company and innovator in brachytherapy and medical isotope applications, announced the start of a new study of head and neck cancer patients being treated with IsoRay’s Cesium-131 internal radiation (brachytherapy) cancer seeds. The study is being conducted at Thomas Jefferson University, a leading, highly recognized national institution in the cancer therapy field.

IsoRay Chairman and CEO Dwight Babcock commented, “Cancers that recur in the head and neck pose major problems. They have shown a resistance to the standard therapies of surgery and conventional radiation, leading to significant and life-altering complications.”

Thomas Jefferson University has combined the efforts of its Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery and Radiation Oncology departments to provide a new treatment option for patients with recurrence of head and neck cancers. Following surgical resection of the tumor, this targeted therapy allows for localized Cesium-131 (Cs-131) radioactive seeds placed directly in the tumor bed. (IRB approved study 15D-067). “Cs-131 is a favorable isotope for use across a wide range of tumors and its dose distribution properties facilitate easy calculation and use in the clinic and a decrease in the exposure to radiation oncologists, staff and patient families” says Voichita Bar Ad, MD, the lead radiation oncologist of this program. While Cs-131 seeds have been used in a number of other disease sites, this study of application in the head and neck region places Jefferson as one of the pioneers of this novel therapy. These low energy radiation sources with a short half-life allow patients to be discharged following surgical recovery without need for long term radiation precautions. “This study may afford us the opportunity to improve the poor cure rate of patients that develop recurrent head and neck cancer,” says Adam Luginbuhl, MD, one of the lead investigators of the study.

IsoRay Chairman and CEO Dwight Babcock noted, “Cesium-131 continues to impress medical professionals as reported successes are showing positive results in treating some of the toughest cancer cases. Many of our cases are brought by physicians seeking solutions where first line treatments have failed. Following Cesium-131 treatment, patients are having better outcomes with improved quality of life. Therapy with Cs-131 is successfully treating patients who failed conventional therapies and we believe that it could help many other patients. We are extremely excited to see that Cesium-131 isotope seeds continue to perform so well against aggressive cancers throughout the body. We remain committed to helping patients afflicted with these horrible cancers and enhancing their quality of life”

IsoRay’s various products, including Cesium-131 seeds, sutured seeds, stranded mesh and the GliaSite®radiation therapy system, give physicians the ability to directly place a specified dosage of radiation in areas where cancer is most likely to remain after completion of a tumor removal or by placing seeds within the prostate. The ability to precisely place a specified dose of radiation means there is less likelihood for damage to occur to healthy surrounding tissue compared to other alternative treatments. IsoRay’s cancer fighting products diminish the ability of the tumor to recur, resulting in important benefits for patients in longevity as well as quality of life. (Original Source)

Shares of IsoRay Inc opened today at $1.71 and are currently trading up at $1.8201. ISR has a 1-year high of $3.29 and a 1-year low of $1.22. The stock’s 50-day moving average is $1.57 and its 200-day moving average is $1.55.

On the ratings front, Maxim Group analyst Jason Kolbert reiterated a Buy rating on ISR, with a price target of $5, in a report issued on February 18. The current price target represents a potential upside of 192.4% from where the stock is currently trading.

According to, Kolbert has a total average return of 0.8%, a 40.2% success rate, and is ranked #1852 out of 3594 analysts.

IsoRay Inc offers solutions for the treatment and diagnosis of disease using medical isotopes.

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