Company Update (NASDAQ:CYTR): CytRx Corporation Announces Publication of Glioblastoma Clinical Case Study in Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy

CytRx Corporation (NASDAQ:CYTR), a biopharmaceutical research and development company specializing in oncology, announced that a case study, titled “Albumin-Linked Doxorubicin (Aldoxorubicin) as Treatment for Relapsed Glioblastoma: A Case Report,” has been published online in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy (Volume 6, Issue 2).

The paper reviews the case of a 54 year old male patient with recurrent left parietal lobe glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), a deadly form of brain cancer.  The patient had completed treatment with radiation and temozolomide more than two years prior to being enrolled onto the Phase 2 GBM aldoxorubicin clinical trial, and no other treatment for his malignancy was administered in the interim.  A prior debulking procedure had demonstrated progressive tumor growth.  While on the aldoxorubicin trial, the patient received a single cycle of intravenous aldoxorubicin 350 mg/m2 (260 mg/m2 doxorubicin equivalents).  According to both clinical and radiological assessments (MRI brain scans) performed four and six weeks after aldoxorubicin therapy, the patient appeared to experience tumor progression.  However, histopathological assessment of the tissue following a subsequent tumor debulking procedure showed no evidence of recurrent glioblastoma throughout the entire surgical specimen.  Investigators believe that the presence of tumor seen in the MRI scans post aldoxorubicin treatment likely represents pseudo-progression, commonly seen in CNS malignancies undergoing radiation therapy, and may reflect aldoxorubicin’s ability to allow doxorubicin to enter the brain tumor and induce tumor necrosis (tumor cell death).

The full publication can be accessed online here.

“Based on radiological scans, this patient appeared to experience tumor progression following treatment with aldoxorubicin. However, pathological assessment, confirmed independently at two major medical centers, demonstrated no evidence of tumor, indicating that scans were most likely indicative of a false or ‘pseudo’-progression,” said Daniel Levitt, M.D., Ph.D., CytRx Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer. “We are closely monitoring all patients in this study for evidence of pseudo-progression and are keeping this issue at the forefront in this trial.  The likelihood that aldoxorubicin enables doxorubicin to enter the tumor itself, and leads to necrosis, is both encouraging and potentially important, as doxorubicin on its own has not been shown to cross the blood:brain barrier.”

“Glioblastoma is the most common primary brain malignancy in adults and remains highly lethal, with an approximate 25% 2-year overall survival rate,” said Steven A. Kriegsman, Chairman and CEO of CytRx. “Treatment options remain both limited and largely ineffective. Aldoxorubicin has demonstrated promising data, both in the preclinical and clinical setting, providing strong support for its continued development and potential to serve as a much needed treatment option for GBM.”

Previously announced preliminary results from 12 patients in the ongoing Phase 2 clinical trial in GBM show both prolonged stable disease and tumor shrinkage in several patients, including the patient described in this press release who demonstrated no microscopic evidence of tumor when tissue was examined after resection, representing a pathological complete response. The Phase 2 clinical trial in GBM is supported by positive preclinical data that demonstrated that aldoxorubicin significantly increased survival almost 2½ fold compared to doxorubicin treatment in an in vivo xenograft tumor model employing growth of human glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) tumors in mouse brains.  Aldoxorubicin also demonstrated preferential accumulation and prolonged retention in the tumor tissue as compared to doxorubicin. (Original Source)

Shares of Cytrx closed yesterday at $4.83 . CYTR has a 1-year high of $5.46 and a 1-year low of $2.08. The stock’s 50-day moving average is $3.95 and its 200-day moving average is $3.10.

On the ratings front, Cytrx has been the subject of a number of recent research reports. In a report issued on April 17, Oppenheimer analyst Christopher Marai initiated coverage with a Buy rating on CYTR and a price target of $10, which represents a potential upside of 107.0% from where the stock is currently trading. Separately, on January 23, H.C. Wainwright’s Yi Chen maintained a Buy rating on the stock and has a price target of $12.

According to, which ranks over 7,500 financial analysts and bloggers to gauge the performance of their past recommendations, Christopher Marai and Yi Chen have a total average return of 40.2% and 25.4% respectively. Marai has a success rate of 71.2% and is ranked #27 out of 3581 analysts, while Chen has a success rate of 80.0% and is ranked #876.

CytRx Corp is a biopharmaceutical research and development company specializing in oncology. Its oncology pipeline includes three clinical-stage drug candidates in various stages of development: Aldoxorubicin, Tamibarotene, and Bafetinib.

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