MYOS RENS Technology (MYOS) Stock Fires Up to the Roof; Here’s Why

MYOS RENS Technology (MYOS) stock is soaring — up over 50% since news broke today that The Vitamin Shoppe is picking up its product “Yolked” for distribution. The bio therapeutics and nutrition company came up with the product using fertilized egg yolk. The product’s goal is to help build lean muscle. The Vitamin Shoppe is the first retailer to carry Yolked in stores and on the website. The product will become available in its 775 locations later this month.

Yolked is being marketed as an all-natural product, which is supposed to pair with any sports protein in order to help the body utilize it more efficiently. The key ingredient of the product is Fortetopin, which is made to build more lean muscle and decrease muscle loss. Managers say clinical trials have shown Yolked has the capacity to build up to 8 pounds of muscle mass in just 12 weeks. Previously, only collegiate athletic programs had access to the protein complement. Now it’s available to the general public.

MYOS’ Chief Executive Officer Joseph Mannello commented on the news – noting the Vitamin Shoppe is one of the largest and most respected companies in the industry with a high demand from customers for new and all-natural supplements: “The Vitamin Shoppe recognizes that Yolked, formulated with Fortetropin, is not only great-tasting and good for you– it is also protein’s perfect partner in that it enables the body to utilize protein more efficiently to build muscle mass and size. Yolked greatly complements the growing protein categories and we believe it will draw additional consumers to the segment.”

The company’s Vice President of Merchandising, Mark Hilton also weighed in: “When it comes to innovation, we are extremely selective with what we bring to market as it must first resonate with our customers and meet their needs and expectations. We feel that Yolked will make an excellent addition to our portfolio of offerings as it is a truly unique product that’s clinically proven to increase muscle growth and lean body mass, which are both key components our customers look for when choosing their sports nutrition solutions.”

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