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Virtual Crypto (OTCQB:VRCP) Launches Bit4sure API

Virtual Crypto (OTCQB:VRCP) a technology company dedicated to making cryptocurrencies accessible to the public today announced the launch of Bit4Sure, a proprietary cryptocurrency transaction confirmation solution via an Application Programming Interface (API) for business and a Mobile App (App) for consumers that provides zero confirmation transaction services to commercial and individual users, respectively.

Virtual Crypto specializes in creating payment solutions for businesses and consumers which combine Application Programming Interfaces and Mobile Applications for implementation across ATM’s, PCs, tablets and other mobile devices.

Cryptocurrency users typically must wait at least 10 minutes after purchasing or selling bitcoin for the blockchain to confirm that a given transaction is valid. This wait period, combined with a degree of uncertainty regarding the legitimacy of any trade, make cryptocurrency impractical for many everyday commerce situations, strengthening the incentive for businesses and consumers to stick to traditional payment methods.

The Virtual Crypto Bit4Sure API solution bridges the time gap from when a transaction is published on the bitcoin network to the moment it joins the blockchain, essentially confirming a transaction before it reaches the blockchain for inclusion in a mined block.

The Bit4Sure API provides subscribers with direct access to Virtual Crypto’s proprietary algorithm model, giving them real-time confirmation of cryptocurrency transactions, as well as the ability to monitor the trading market of any cryptocurrency, protecting subscribers from delay, double-spending and fraud. The Company anticipates the Bit4Sure API will be particularly attractive to crypto exchanges, payment processors, crypto wallets and other direct participants in the industry.

The intuitive and easy-to-use App, which is compatible with Android and iOS and available for download at Google Play and the Apple Store, can also be accessed via web browsers at Users simply copy and paste their transaction ID into the search box, press enter and immediately receive one of the following four messages:“This launch is yet another step in our objective of building consumer confidence in the cryptocurrency marketplace,” Alon Dayan, co-founder and CEO of Virtual Crypto, commented on the launch.  “Bit4Sure speeds up the trading process and removes much of the risk associated with autonomous transactions, providing tremendous values to businesses working to establish a presence in this burgeoning industry.”

“Although there are more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies in the market, they’re only being used by a relatively small segment of the population. We believe this is primarily due to a lack of information about cryptocurrencies and the way they work,” Dayan added. “By providing aspiring traders a free platform where they can experiment in the crypto-market with minimal risk, we are hopeful that they will take advantage of the opportunity and discover just how easy it is.”


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