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DPW Shares Are Climbing Thanks to Another Crypto Mining Buzz

DPW Holdings Inc (NYSE:DPW) investors are content to see this tech-centric holding firm make more waves in the crypto space. The stock saw a solid 4% upturn this morning as DPW’s wholly owned subsidiary Super Crypto Mining kicks off its beta-operating cloud mining platform. At the end of January, the company had revealed this was in the works in a webcast followed by a series of announcements. For now, the platform is starting off operating in beta and only pre-registered subscribers have access.

Digital mining services here are solely for Bitcoin, though other cryptocurrencies are set to follow suit. When the platform has finalized beta testing, Super Crypto Mining will make a new announcement, expecting to roll out further subscription campaigns approaching the rest of the year and beyond. Super Crypto Mining has a website and dedication registration page where pre-registered members had inked registration beforehand.

This new platform offers miners a key advantage: a way to begin the mining process minus monster startup expenses. In the company’s reveal, DPW has likewise indicated the new platform offers an expansive dashboard that exhibits both progress in mining as well as payout prospects.

The cloud mining platform features a comprehensive dashboard showing mining progress and payout options. Subscribers now have an economical path to begin crypto-mining without the heavy start-up costs and complex technologies. “The cloud mining platform is supported in part by our latest U.S. based mining farm. As previously mentioned, this relationship provides us with up to 25 megawatts of power. We are extremely satisfied with this new location. The team has delivered one of the most advanced farming locations in record time.” commented Darren Magot, CEO Super Crypto Mining.

Recently, the diversified holding company gained a further capital investment to the tune of $250,000 from Philou Ventures, DPW’s biggest shareholder, on April 24th. This investment of more capital aligns with Philou Ventures’ rights to invest as much as $5,000,000 total through the Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement’s terms and conditions; a deal executed on March 16th of last year. DPW has received $1,250,000 in total from Philou Ventures as a key investment.

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