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Millennials and Cannabis Stocks, The Aurora (ACB) Love Story

Throughout the years of investing there have been some companies that you just manage to fall in love with no matter how much you try to take emotions off of the table when it comes to investing. I would like to tell my story and how Aurora Cannabis (ACB) is clearly the most popular stock among millennial investors throughout social media.

Being on Youtube for just under one year now, I started my company called Departures Capital with hopes of talking about the stock market daily through livestreams and videos. While living in China, I started researching the cannabis industry as I have always been an active investor and convinced my father that we were going to both invest in Aurora Cannabis. It was our first cannabis stock and we had enough long term investments to take some risks. Our original purchase price was C$2.15 and the stock ended up exploding. But long story short Aurora was our first investment within the sector and because of that, we both had a special place in our hearts for the company. Over the past few years it’s been amazing to see what Aurora has been able to accomplish, and although they have been successful so far, it could have easily gone in the opposite direction, or we could have purchased a different company and our situation would be a bit different.

Where this story gets interesting is after I started making Youtube videos. Originally, I was planning to talk about mining and long term investments but when it comes to Youtube, creators care about views and subscribers and it’s a whole different ball game. Once I started talking about the cannabis sector, things changed dramatically when it came to interested viewers in my channel and especially when it came to specific videos about Aurora Cannabis. While making videos I couldn’t help but notice that Aurora was receiving the most amount of views compared to all of the other companies that I would talk about. Aurora was not just receiving a few more views, sometimes the videos would get 5, 10 or even 20 times more views that comparable companies. To me this meant that Aurora was on to something, and must have an extremely large fan base.

Aurora Cannabis videos on my channel are the most viewed out of any of my videos and Aurora Cannabis also holds the record for the past two quarters clocking in over 1100 live viewers during our broadcast of the conference call. This goes to show the support throughout social media that aurora has and how popular it is among millennial investors. Aurora Cannabis is also the most popular stock on the Commission free robin hood app in the US.

Having a solid company, strategic partnerships, great management and quality assets is one thing, but also having a strong base of investors can be extremely important for the success of a company and I personally think that being so popular among millennials will give Aurora a competitive advantage that most people overlook or simply don’t even know about. We are experiencing massive shift in wealth from the baby boomers on to the millennials, and the fact that Aurora Cannabis holds the number one spot in popularity when it comes to cannabis stocks could prove to be a very positive for the company.

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