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Apple Inc. (AAPL) Removes Original iPad Mini From its Inventory

It seems as though Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has developed a concern for its customers eyes, as the company did away with its 1st generation iPad Mini from both the Apple Company Store site and the online store. The product was removed because the outdated model was not equipped with a retina display, as are the second and third versions of the iPad Mini. The original model was Apple’s only device powered by a 32-bit A5 chipset; with this model removed from stores, the technology giant will supply machines powered only by 64-bit A7 or A8 chipsets.

The original version of the iPad Mini came out in October of 2012 and, until recently, was available in stores and online for $249 for a 16GB with WiFi. Currently, the iPad Mini 2 is selling for $299 and the 3 is going for $399+; upgrades to 64GB and 138GB are available for $499 and $599 respectively. The iPad Mini 3 has identical qualities as its precursor, in addition to a gold color choice and Touch ID. Touch ID is a fingerprint sensor which can unlock the device, authorize purchases from the AppStore and iTunes, and integrate with Apple Pay for mobile-tablet purchases.

The company did not provide any explanation as to why the tablet disappeared so abruptly, however it is clear to see from the many price cuts of the product that Apple most likely was able to sell off its entire inventory and do away with the model for good.

Apple’s upcoming update (iOS 9) will be compatible with the original iPad Mini, so the device is nowhere near obsolete. A cheaper, refurbished option can still be purchased with different features such as phone support and extra storage capacity.

Apple has been around for nearly three decades now, and has established itself among the leaders of the technology market. The company has continued to amaze the world with each new device, one more extraordinary than the next. It only seems fitting Apple do some “spring cleaning” to make room for what’s coming next.

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