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My name is Mike, the creator of Dividend Stocks Rock and owner of the very successful blog, The Dividend Guy Blog. I started investing in 2003 in natural resources & mining stocks with $0 in hand and a line of credit of $20,000. During my first three years of trading, I accumulated a $50,000 down payment, net of debt, for my first house. I then converted my strategy to a dividend growth portfolio in 2010. Those who follow The Dividend Guy Blog have seen my results so far, but if you don’t know the blog, you may want to dig a little bit more into my mind prior to deciding if this strategy is the right one for you.

Investment Bias 101

As the market is going a bit sideways after a mild earnings season, we are entering the famous “sell in May and go away” period, I thought of revisiting some investment biases we all experience at one point or another.

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