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Do Exciting New Partnerships Mean Full Bullish Steam Ahead for Amyris Inc (AMRS)? Here’s What Analysts Are Saying

Amyris Inc (NASDAQ:AMRS) is moving full steam ahead with a flurry of momentous joint ventures. Investor sentiment swells with bullish optimism, particularly most recently when looking at the company’s October 13th announcement.

AMRS has now executed a Memorandum of Understanding for a pivotal strategic collaboration with a partner that is a leader in food ingredients and nutraceuticals, with the intention to complete definitive agreements and check the boxes for all necessary approvals by the start of December 2016.

Once approval and execution of definitive agreements are realized with the company’s new partner, whose name remains under wraps, the company anticipates a cash deal that will bring forth a short-term collaboration investment to the tune of $10 million, complete with an up to $20 million equity investment at $1.40 per share, $100 million in yearly revenue commencing once 2017 begins in correlation with fermentation molecule production and cost improvement, and participation in the new partner’s Asian industrial fermentation facilities.

This comes on the heels of the company’s September 30th announcement that it will be expanding its strategic alliance with a separate global neutraceuticals company, an extension of the deal announced at the end of April to supply biofene, AMRS’s brand of farnesene, throughout the course of five years. This includes an up to $25 million credit line and the option for a $5 million strategic investment.

AMRS President and CEO John Melo asserts, “We’re very pleased with the opportunity to partner with one of the leading nutraceutical and food ingredient suppliers in the world. Our current annual revenue run rate of over $100 million combined with the $100 million of annual revenue we expect from this partnership starting in 2017, should help us deliver stronger than expected growth in 2017 and beyond.”

Rodman & Renshaw analyst Amit Dayal remains bullish, offering perspective urging fellow investors to jump on board the moving AMRS train, “We believe that investors seeking growth opportunities within the renewable bio-chemicals vertical should consider AMRS for its market leading bio-synthesis technology, available infrastructure for commercial scale production, and a unique collaboration driven business model that creates multiple revenue opportunities for the company.”

As far as Dayal is concerned, if investors are sidelined on the company or “new to the story,” now is the fortuitous time to add positions and take advantage of its “lower stock price.”

Cowen analyst Jeff Osborne is less bullish than Rodman & Rensha’s Daval, noting that the firm recently hit a weakness in project and collaboration payment timing that led results to underperform expectation. However, the analyst notes this negative has been “offset by gains on derivatives.”

For Osborne, “The focus remains on the back half of the year with significant ramp up and cost reductions expected. Management continues to focus on building partnerships to expand into higher margin products. Recent announcements give us comfort transition is playing.” However, presently, Osborne remains cautious on AMRS.

Nonetheless, Melo sees this recent “strong momentum” ultimately as a big win for his company and expects to see a payoff in revenue come 2017, which coupled with the succession of new advantageous partnerships, he believes will render a “transformative relationship” for his business.

Looking at the share numbers rising as this positive publicity fans the flames of investor excitement, time will tell if Melo is right and if analysts who once were sidelined on the company will prove to be swayed otherwise.


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