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Direxion Shares Exchange Traded Fund Trust (JNUG): Gold Is One Tweet Away from New Highs

By Daniel Ameduri,

President Trump’s recent open display on Twitter regarding Mexico and the wall should give gold investors a surge of optimism.

Over the next year, it’s highly likely that we will see trade wars erupt with the U.S. and several of its major trading partners, like Mexico, China and the EU.

The counterstrike, as many readers can imagine, could be fatal for the U.S. dollar and global markets.

It could result in everything from the selling of U.S. treasuries by trading partners to igniting price inflation as new import taxes get baked into the goods coming into the U.S.

Canceled treaties, trading agreements and longstanding criminal activity by central banks could all be shattered by President Trump.

His Twitter account could prove to be even more lethal to the stock market as he attacks individual companies and business leaders.

Trump is a real change agent, but the fact is that the entire monetary system is held together by the oligarchs—a global fraud machine.

As the new president attempts to make changes, there will absolutely be some pain and blowback, which I believe will be a major catalyst for a higher gold price during his first term in office.

The fundamentals for gold are already there, and it’s in a technical bull market.

So although gold is not dependent on the changes Trump will enact, his “in your face, get it done” style will be like pouring gasoline on a fire for gold, especially from his Twitter feed.

In my opinion, right now is the time to take strategic positions in gold stocks, and then allow the gold bull market to develop, with the understanding that at any moment, President Trump could very easily give this sector a very heavy dose of steroids.


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