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Apple Inc. (AAPL) to Jump Aboard the Social Media Bandwagon with New Video App

Reports say Apple is secretly at work on its newest concept: a Snapchat-like social networking app

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is reportedly planning to take a second swing at social media with a new video app, years after its failed attempt in 2010 with Ping.

A news report from Bloomberg stated that the iPhone maker is working on a social networking app expected to be very similar to Snapchat. Apple wants to take advantage of the growing popularity of video in social networking with plans to enter the scene with a video app that will allow users to share videos with friends. The app will mirror Snapchat in its features set to offer doodles, filters, and also provide users the ability to edit their videos before sharing them with friends.

Additionally, the Bloomberg report highlights Apple’s intent to make the app simple and easy to handle so that users can upload videos quickly. The main idea is to give users the ability to upload videos in one minute. Analysts believe that the move is just one of the company’s strategies towards reviving growth as the company’s hardware sales have been caught amid a slowdown. Therefore, Apple’s key objective is to use software to make its hardware more appealing.

The video app will target users who spend more than 50 minutes each day on Facebook’s branch of social media apps, paying specific attention to younger users. Apple has high hopes for the app to set the company apart, allowing it to keep up with the current social media app leaders. Apple has yet to reveal the name of the app, which is still under development. Sources have revealed that the team responsible for the app is the same team behind Apple’s successful iMovie Software and Final Cut Pro programs.

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The current plans are for the app to be soon made available on the App Store, though there is also a chance that the company decides to integrate it directly into the iOS camera app. Joe Weil is the head of the Apple team working on the app, selected for his talents and experience in video production as a former president of a New York-based video production firm.

Apple hopes to launch the new app sometime in 2017, though the company has yet to reveal any details yet. Executives also plan to terminate the project if they encounter potential problems indicating Ping-like failure has struck again. It is therefore not clear whether the firm will proceed with the launch.

The new video app is also expected to feature an Instagram-proportioned square filter, rather than the traditional rectangle usually found on iPhones. Apple’s decision to boost its focus on services is not unexpected considering that the firm did not surpass sales expectations when the company once made a habit of outclassing projections quarter after quarter.

It is, however, somewhat strange that the company decided to shift its focus into social media rather than digging deeper into already existing businesses, such as Apple Music. The social media sector is already saturated and Apple comes to the networking room against a great deal of competition. Nevertheless, Apple has made a name for itself introducing new concepts, so it will be interesting to see what the secret new video app will bring to the table.


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