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Bloggers Offer 2 Cents on Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA)

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) finds it easy to bolster capital any time lack of funds loom in the rearview mirror, but from the eyes of the investors, this is not necessarily a mastery to be commended. Considering the electric car giant’s gross margins are negative and vastly overstated, finance experts and investment bloggers alike are calling Elon Musk’s company out for wading through unruly waters.

InvestorPlace blogger James Brumley questions, “How much worse could it get?” for the giant, who by Brumley’s assessment is “tapping the financial well dry” and causing dilution through an endless array of its secondary offerings.

From Brumley’s perspective, Musk is not being strategically savvy through his use of these stock sales and loans, and if the CEO intends to hit 500,000 automobiles per year in production, the search for more capital surely will not stop any time soon. Investors project anywhere in the ballpark of $9 billion might be necessary to pull off Musk’s lofty corporate goals.

The blogger notes a growing weariness in funders who are tiring of relinquishing dollar after dollar, and questions the assumption the backers will continue to do so in light of rivals that could capture TSLA’s market share.

Brumley advises, ” I can’t stress enough this isn’t a call for the end of Tesla — I truly believe there will always be a Tesla Motors from here on out. It is a warning, however, to owners of Tesla stock who have drunk the proverbial Kool-Aid and bought into the premise that the company is a guaranteed winner. No company is a guaranteed winner.”

As Seeking Alpha blogger Disneyesque sizes up the situation, this might be “an opportunity to jump ship.” After all, “A sustained market rally in Tesla shares might provide an opening for institutions to exit. But it would have to be an incredibly powerful rally to provide enough life boats for 70% of the float; not everyone will find a seat,” Disneyesque contends.

In fact, Disneyesque takes an even more bearish perspective than Brumley, dismissing the giant’s ability to ever turn a profit. From Disneysque’s viewpoint, not only will any kind of amassed volume ever help save TSLA’s lost path to profitability, but the blogger contends as volumes continue to grow greater, this will only further fan the flames for the company’s losses.

“The only way out of its conundrum of spiraling product and warranty costs would be to raise prices substantially, such that it would have a positive contribution margin. But demand is weakening and the market is saturated at current price levels. Indeed, the company is cutting prices to move units,” Disneyesque asserts.

Whether or not investors heed the writing on the wall with rising competition swirling around Musk’s troubled giant, Disneyesque remains convinced that “Absent a government bailout, Tesla is doomed. And cash burn is only accelerating as its RVG and off-lease vehicles come flooding back into inventory.”

It is Musk’s move next; but will he overcome the odds? All eyes are cautiously watching TSLA to see whether the giant will collapse, and if so, when is the right time to exit.


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