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The Blue Collar Investor was NOT a brilliant idea of mineā€¦,it just happened! I was a frustrated blue collar investor just like you. I attended a top tier High School, College and Dental School. All those years of education and I knew NOTHING about the Stock Market or investing in general. Our education system failed us! I investigated full service brokers, analysts, mutual fund managers, friends, relatives, colleagues and media experts. Would any of these people lead me to the Promised Land? The answer, for varied reasons, was a resounding NO I used the power of self-education to accomplish my mission of becoming an accomplished stock market investor. I used the same blueprint that I adapted to become a licensed General Dentist, a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Licensed Real Estate Agent. Year after year, my portfolio generated higher returns than those of the average Stock Market. When I started selling options, those returns increased exponentially. GETTING STARTED: In 2006 I was invited to speak before a group of 250 Real Estate Investors about some successful property investments I had fashioned. When I mentioned that I purchased my first investment property with the profits earned from selling stock options, the floodgates opened! Endless numbers of calls and emails asking me to explain how I do this.

What Is Portfolio Margining?

Covered call writing and selling cash-secured puts are conservative strategies for risk-averse retail investors. This is why I feel most of us should …

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