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About the Author Scott Matusow is Scott Matusow; Team Leader, co-owner and founder of and Dan Cohen, co-owner, and independent investor/scientist/inventor/trader and lead contributor at Scott is an independent investor/writer/trader and team leader of He has have about 20 years of stock market experience which include trading, investing, and managing his family’s trust as well as his personal account. Scott has had the most success in trading/investing in smaller cap growth companies. Because Scott is not 'officially trained' in the markets, he see things outside the box, using his experience to provide clarity and alpha. Scott uses his ability to read situations, emotion, charts, times and sales, historical data, and macroeconomic and other market forces to predict stock price movements, in both short and longer terms situations. Using these acquired allowed for him to completely divest his own and family's money near the top of the market before the 2008 financial crisis. Dan Cohen is an entrepreneur in the fields of biotech, nanotechnology, medical diagnostics, and energy storage - Dan is also a Scientist and inventor. He has 7 years of experience investing and trading biotechnology focused equities with a specialty in identifying under-appreciated value in small caps. Dan utilizes his experience reading and reviewing scientific literature to evaluate prospects for success. His work with diagnostics development give him a strong background in immunology which is leveraged in evaluating immunology focused approaches. As well Dan has 5 years trading futures, specializing in E-minis and Treasury products. He utilizes a combination of technical analysis, deep scientific research, and macro views to generate alpha for the team. Places you can follow Scott are: @StockMatusow Places to follow Dan are: and

GlycoMimetics Inc (GLYC): Undervalued Biotech with Significant Potential

 Written by Dan Cohen and Scott Matusow At Stockmatusow, our primary focus is finding clinical stage biotech companies that have the potential to …

Calithera Biosciences Inc: A Growing Player in the Immune System (Part II)

Written by Dan Cohen and Scott Matusow After consistent disappointments in the development of agents to treat metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), novel …

Calithera Biosciences Inc: A Growing Player in the Immune System (Part I)

Written by Dan Cohen and Scott Matusow These days, it seems as if every major pharmaceutical company is working on their own PD-1 targeted therapeutic regimen …

Negative Interest Rates Next Up Will Pump Markets But Destroy The Global Financial System

Once again, in the September Federal Reserve (FED) policy meeting, the FED did not raise the fed fund rate, leaving it at 0% …

The Fairway Group Holdings Corp (FWM) Long Swing Trade Thesis – Earnings Play/Short Cover

  The Fairway Group Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:FWM) is set to report earnings after the bell on May 26th, 2015. Immediately before the last …

Fairway Group Holdings Corp Likely To Beat On EPS In Addition To Being A Likely Acquisition By Year End

Fairway Group Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:FWM) earning’s report is scheduled for May 28th, 2015, but no 8K has yet been filed to confirm this date.

Here’s Why MEI Pharma Is Undervalued By At Least Half And Will Recover

Written by Scott Matusow. Sometimes in biotech, things do not go as expected.

3 Stocks That Should Move Significantly Higher Soon

Fairway Group Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:FWM): Fairway Group Holdings Corp.

Identiv Goes On The Record With NFC For Disney Infinity Toys: Star Wars Infinity Toys Likely Next

On Thursday December 11th, Identiv (NASDAQ:INVE) revealed that it is indeed supplying NFC technology for Disney’s (NYSE:DIS) Infinity line of toys. We have …

NFC Technology Integrated Into Smartphones Helps Pave The Road For Identiv

In our most recent article regarding Identiv (NASDAQ:INVE), we introduced the company and its potential revenue streams related to the post-password-era and numerous …

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