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Smarter Analyst was established to fill a gap in financial reporting for sell-side investors, where they can read exclusive reports in real time. Smarter Analyst provides coverage of equities research, unique analyst insights, and outstanding articles from knowledgeable contributors, in addition to the latest stock market news, all hand-picked by our editors.

3 “Strong Buy” Stocks Trading at Rock-Bottom Prices

When a stock’s price falls into the doldrums, it’s tempting to just avoid those shares. After all, rock bottom prices usually happen for …

2 “Strong Buy” Penny Stocks With Massive Upside Potential

Of all the controversial plays on Wall Street, penny stocks take the cake. The risk-tolerant flock to these names as the potential for …

3 Stocks Flashing Signs of Strong Insider Buying

Sometimes, following a leader makes the best investment strategy. And corporate insiders have long been popular leaders to follow.

4 Trading Strategies You Can Use When Markets Turn Volatile

Source: Pixabay The stock market is notorious for its volatility and unpredictability, making it an exciting place to trade. However, most people lose …

How to Predict the Forex Market with Trading Signals

As major countries recover at a faster-than-expected pace, the volatility of reserve currencies is gradually declining. For example, the U.

Which Type Of Investment Is Right For You?

It’s good to save money, but more often than not, traditional savings accounts don’t offer a very high return and it can barely …

Using Market Intelligence Data to Predict a Company’s Business Momentum

Technology-enabled quantitative analysis has changed the way the finance industry operates. An investor looking to research a company has to consider far more …

ביקורת שלילית: הקליניקה של הקוסמטיקאית אתי וולף

אני לקוח לשעבר של אתי וולף ומעוניין לשתף אתכם בחוויה לא נעימה שעברתי בקליניקה שלה זה התחיל בייעוץ. בנוגע לטשטוש קמט באזור המצח, …

Billionaire Israel Englander Bets on These 2 Penny Stocks

Let’s talk about risk, reward, and pennies. The three are related, of course.

2 “Strong Buy” Penny Stocks That Could See Outsized Gains

Market volatility is up in recent sessions, and while that may have applied a brake to the upward trend, it also opens up …

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