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Marc Chandler has been covering the global capital markets in one fashion or another for 25 years, working at economic consulting firms and global investment banks. A prolific writer and speaker he appears regularly on CNBC and has spoken for the Foreign Policy Association. In addition to being quoted in the financial press daily, Chandler has been published in the Financial Times, Foreign Affairs, and the Washington Post. In 2009 Chandler was named a Business Visionary by Forbes. Marc's commentary can be found at his blog ( and twitter

The Week Ahead: German Top Court to Rule on ECB’s Bond Buying

The assassination of the Jo Cox has broken the powerful momentum in the markets.  Investors recognize that the tragedy potentially injects a new …

FOMC Statement Demonatrates Firm Grasp of the Obvious

The FOMC delivered a statement largely as expected.  It upgraded its assessment of the global economy by dropping the reference to risks.

Economic Outlook: Markets Build on Yesterday’s Dramatic Recovery

Global capital markets staged an impressive recovery after the initial reaction to the failure to freeze oil output sent reverberations through the oil …

Stock Markets Overview: Fed Pulls Back to Two Hikes, Dollar Drops and Stocks Rally

The Federal Reserve halved the number of rate hikes it anticipates this year from four to two.  The market has been moving toward …

Dollar Recovers Against the Euro and Yen

The euro is paring the recovery that began in the middle of the ECB’s press conference yesterday. The markets had reacted as one intuitively …

Markets Calm As US Releases Year’s First Jobs Data

For the first time this week, the PBOC set higher central reference rate for the yuan and Chinese shares rallied, with the apparent …

How the New Year is Starting Off in the Markets

The markets are in turmoil.   Global equity markets are sharply lower, dragging bond yields down.

Market Outlook: 2015 Comes to a Close

Many financial centers in Asia and Europe are on holiday today, and those that are open, are experiencing a minimum of activity.  Turnover may …

Yen is Lower for Fourth Year, Euro for Second

The US dollar will finish 2015 higher against both the euro and yen.  Sometimes those of us who follow the economic and financial …

US-European Threat Perceptions Diverge

The US dollar is narrowly mixed. The euro and yen remain within yesterday’s ranges, while sterling continues to trade heavily.

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