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James Cordier is the author of McGraw-Hill's The Complete Guide to Option Selling, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Editions. He is also founder and president of OptionSellers.com, an investment firm specializing in writing options for high net-worth investors. James can be reached through his website at www.OptionSellers.com where a free guide to selling options is available to qualified investors.

Commodities Prove Valuable Diversifiers Amid Stock Chaos: Kellogg Company (K), Philip Morris International Inc. (PM)

The forest fire in the stock market this week has presented a range of questions for high net worth investors with significant portions …

‘Perfect Storm’ of Bearish Fundamentals Could Sink Crude Oil Soon

Martin Conrad, chief investment strategist at C.I.

With Fed Behind Us, Markets Return to Fundamental Focus in October

(Video Transcript) Hello everyone, this is Michael Gross, director of research here at OptionSellers.com.

Natural Gas Price Rally Makes Selling Call Options an Attractive and Fundamentally Sound Strategy

I’ve been asked if I favor the short side of markets – a perpetual bear regardless of price or momentum. The answer is …

The Slow Grind Lower in Gold Prices is Holiday Cheer for Option Sellers

Unlike most other commodities, precious metals have less to do with supply and demand and more to do with macro-economics. In today’s markets, …

Learn How to Potentially Profit from the “Hidden” Fundamentals of Crude Oil

by James Cordier & Michael Gross An outsider watching the prices of crude oil shift up or down may think this is some …

A Game Changer in Crude Oil

Our original price target for summer crude oil was $70. But the playing field in crude has changed.

A Trading Affair Could Be Profitable For Summer Gold Traders

Analysts rarely get much attention for writing about “fairly priced” or “balanced” markets. But astute futures traders can do very well if they …

Bulls Still Running In Crude Oil

  If the fight between crude oil bulls and bears is reaching a conclusion, it’s likely to be a split decision. Oil prices …

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