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Gary Tanashian is proprietor of and Actionable, hype-free technical, macro economic and sentiment analysis is provided in the premium market report 'Notes From the Rabbit Hole' ( Complimentary analysis and commentary is available at the public site ( and by email with our free - and spam free - eLetter service (

Janet Yellen Guiding Us Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole

Where once Alan Greenspan was vilified for dropping interest rates too low for too long and thereby inflating a credit bubble (before his …

S&P 500: 2011 ‘Comp’ Back in Play

Sometimes simpler is better.  For months now, and right through the Brexit drama we have been noting simple technical and fundamental items like …

Gold Vs. S&P 500: Macrocosm Update

The current situation has seen some calling ‘bullish’ on the stock market despite a still intact bear trend (noted repeatedly in NFTRH), people …

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