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I am Tom Roberts. I am 36 years old and a normal guy. I am not rich, don’t drive a fancy car and I don’t have expensive tastes. I only have a passion for dividend stocks and my private wealth optimization. I don’t work for other people and don’t give any advice on buying or selling stocks. Since I started investing, I lost money, but I earned much more over a long period of time. Dividends protected my wealth and dividend growth lifted me up to new dimensions. As of today, my net worth is four-times higher after I gave up my permanent occupation. I do not search other jobs anymore; I live from dividend payments and have achieved my first goal of financial independence. My current annualized dividend income is in the five-figure region and my portfolio dividend yield is around three percent. I plan to double my investments every five to ten years. This represents a yearly return (dividends included) of 7-15 percent. Over the most recent 13 years, I realized such a return rate. Summarized, I would be happy to die with a balance in the double-digit millions, but this is a long and hard path

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