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We invest with the philosophy that knowledge and research can give you an advantage in the stock market. As a result, we are dedicated to empowering investors like yourself with information and tools that can help you make smart investment decisions. Departures Capital wants to enable people like you to 'depart' from a regular life and live beyond the point of worrying about money.

Marijuana Stock High Tide Set to Benefit From Retail Cannabis Boom

Here in Canada, with cannabis being legal as of last year for medical and recreational use, just recently we have seen the first …

Millennials and Cannabis Stocks, The Aurora (ACB) Love Story

Throughout the years of investing there have been some companies that you just manage to fall in love with no matter how much …

2020 Might Be the Year of Cannabis Stocks

2020, a year you might want to keep your eyes on. It’s a pivotal year of presidential elections in the USA.

Why Aphria (APHA) Stock Could Be the Hidden Gem of the Cannabis Sector

Now a days investing into cannabis companies is a whole different ball game post legalization. The investing landscape has changed so dramatically that …

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