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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Stock May Consolidate Before It Springs Into Action, Says Baird

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has made a big push into the CPU server market with its EPYC chips. Estimates for how much server …

Tesla (TSLA) Swings the Job Axe in an Attempt to Trim Costs; Wedbush Remains Bullish on the Stock

Tesla (TSLA) stock tumbled nearly 9% Friday morning as Wall Street came down hard on the company. The reason?

Don’t Get Excited About Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Stock Just Yet

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) worn a few hats in 2018. From March to April AMD stock wore the hat of relatively disliked chip stock.

The Next Big Thing For Facebook (FB) Stock

It’s no mystery that people prefer sharing visual content like photos and videos with specific contacts rather than exchanging blocks of text. That’s …

Bank of America (BAC) Stock Is Getting the Street Excited Again

Banking giant Bank of America (BAC) managed to report robust fourth-quarter numbers that smashed expectations out of the water. The strong numbers provided a …

Advanced Micro Devices’ (AMD) Server Strength Into 2019 Remains a Key Focus, Says Wells Fargo; Reiterates Outperform on the Stock

One of Advanced Micro Devices’ (AMD) main businesses is the EESC (Enterprise, Embedded, and Semi-Custom) unit, which sells custom chips for gaming consoles like the PS4 …

Snap CFO Exits, Top Analyst Downgrades the Stock, Investors Take Cover

Did an iceberg just wallop into Snap (SNAP) stock? The social media giant’s shares plunged today at breakneck speed of almost 14%.

Mohawk Industries (MHK) Stock Has a New Bear on Wall Street

Mohawk Industries (MHK) is like that driver motoring down the highway with the ever-blinking turn signal. Those following along behind are left wondering …

Has Wall Street Gone a Bit Overboard Punishing Activision Blizzard (ATVI) Stock?

Activision Blizzard (ATVI) investors got cold feet today, sending shares tumbling nearly 10%. Pressuring the stock?

Tesla (TSLA) Remains a Controversial Stock – You Either Love It or Hate It

Love it or hate it — and for most investors, there’s no middle ground — Tesla (TSLA) has been one of the most …