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At Alhambra we begin with the belief that you are unique. And since unique situations require unique solutions the first step is to listen to you. There is no one-size-fits-all investment plan, so before we invest the first dollar we get to know you, your goals and your dreams. Next we compare your specific needs and requirements to determine whether active or passive investing is right for you and whether your plan should be strategic or tactical or both. Finally, we take our analysis and engineer a custom investment portfolio that matches who you. Alhambra investment decisions are based on our own extensive research and expertise. Our research staff has almost 100 years of combined market experience. The team drills deep into corporate data to find the smallest details that others miss, looking for true opportunity for our clients. The members of our team are highly respected in the financial industry and their insights are sought after by television business networks and radio programs. Their opinions and commentary are also widely quoted in financial publications as well as a multitude of internet outlets such as

Long Bonds Aren’t Dead Yet

By Joseph Y. Calhoun The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

Are Funding Markets Preparing For the Next QE? 

As the “dollar” has taken back some of its pressure we are seeing at least some of the effects of that in various …

A Closer Look: Market Style 

The iShares S&P 500 Index (ETF) (NYSE ARCA:IVV) zig-zagged with no certain direction for the first part of the year, gaining just over 3% …

‘Dollar’ Coming Back Into Focus

By Jeffrey P. Snider  The FOMC statement changes seem to have initiated knee-jerk reactions undoing the interpretations of the March statement.

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