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At Alhambra we begin with the belief that you are unique. And since unique situations require unique solutions the first step is to listen to you. There is no one-size-fits-all investment plan, so before we invest the first dollar we get to know you, your goals and your dreams. Next we compare your specific needs and requirements to determine whether active or passive investing is right for you and whether your plan should be strategic or tactical or both. Finally, we take our analysis and engineer a custom investment portfolio that matches who you. Alhambra investment decisions are based on our own extensive research and expertise. Our research staff has almost 100 years of combined market experience. The team drills deep into corporate data to find the smallest details that others miss, looking for true opportunity for our clients. The members of our team are highly respected in the financial industry and their insights are sought after by television business networks and radio programs. Their opinions and commentary are also widely quoted in financial publications as well as a multitude of internet outlets such as

The Fear Economy: It Couldn’t Possibly Happen Here But It Did

By Jeffrey P. Snider In the late 1990’s, economists attempted to get reacquainted with something that they previously believed was an artifact of …

Markets Outlook: What Now, Ms. Yellen?

by Joseph Y. Calhoun Well, that was ugly.

The Labor Report Looks Much Different Without Such High Positive Variation

The payroll report missed badly, as the headline “job creation” number gained only 38k in May 2016. That was the lowest monthly gain …

There Is Significance In International Business Machines Corp.’s (IBM) Astonishing ‘Achievement’

By now most people have given up on International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM).

Nothing Unexpected And Nothing Good In Bank Results So Far

by Jeffrey P. Snider There is little doubt as to Wall Street (and London) shrinking but nobody seems to be able to come …

The Facts Still Favor The Bears

By Joseph Y. Calhoun Global stock markets, especially in the US, have made a furious comeback from the lousy start of the year.

United States Oil Fund (USO): There’s Only One Oil Fundamental Factor

By Jeffrey P. Snider The fundamentals for crude oil continue to be atrocious.

The Fed Should Be More Worried About Inflation

The Fed threw in the towel this week and acknowledged what the market has known for some time. The four rate hikes previously …

Forget Rate Hikes, It’s Really The ‘Neutral’ Interest Rate Now

By Jeffrey P. Snider  In September 1979, the Federal Reserve Bank of St.

Broad Side Effects To Oil

By Jeffrey P. Snider Not long ago, I wrote that it was somewhat odd that more attention wasn’t being paid to sovereign wealth …

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