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At Alhambra we begin with the belief that you are unique. And since unique situations require unique solutions the first step is to listen to you. There is no one-size-fits-all investment plan, so before we invest the first dollar we get to know you, your goals and your dreams. Next we compare your specific needs and requirements to determine whether active or passive investing is right for you and whether your plan should be strategic or tactical or both. Finally, we take our analysis and engineer a custom investment portfolio that matches who you. Alhambra investment decisions are based on our own extensive research and expertise. Our research staff has almost 100 years of combined market experience. The team drills deep into corporate data to find the smallest details that others miss, looking for true opportunity for our clients. The members of our team are highly respected in the financial industry and their insights are sought after by television business networks and radio programs. Their opinions and commentary are also widely quoted in financial publications as well as a multitude of internet outlets such as

Not Exactly Paradox, Reflation In Oil Deflation In Copper

By Jeffrey P. Snider The PBOC really needn’t have conducted the last few of its RRR raises.

What Will Hurricane Harvey Spell Out for Oil?

The impact of Hurricane Harvey on the Gulf energy region is becoming clear. There have been no surprises to date, even though the …

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM): It Will Restart All over Again in the Small Things

by Jeffrey P. Snider Six months ago back in October, International Business Machines Corp.

Snap Inc (SNAP): Why You Should Not Buy The Time-Wasting Social Media Stock

Snapchat, a company that describes itself as a camera company yet makes no cameras, went public last week at a valuation of $24 …

RHINO: Rate Hikes and The FOMC

The federal funds rate target is essentially nothing more than a communication tool. You don’t have to take my word for it, the …

Fed Declares Depression And Recovery On The Same Day

By Jeffrey P. Snider Last December, the Federal Reserve confirmed that it thought its monetary task was nearing completion but under conditions that’s …

More Deutsche Bank AG (USA) (DB) Attention Means Even Less ‘Dollars’

By Jeffrey P. Snider It seems as if Deutsche Bank AG (USA) (NYSE:DB) is on everyone’s mind, even if nobody knows exactly why.

What Janet Yellen Says Is Irrelevant; It’s All In The Numbers

By Jeffrey P. Snider There is absolutely no need whatsoever to pay any attention to what Janet Yellen says.

United States Oil Fund LP (ETF) (USO): More Bad Economic News From The Oil Patch

By Jeffrey P. Snider, At the end of August, the US Energy Information Administration reported that it had been overstating domestic demand for …

German Industry Was Not Supposed To Be Concerning In 2016

By Jeffrey P. Snider, In 2015 the combination of the “weaker” euro against the dollar as well as the fact that monetary “stimulus” …

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