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Adam Hartung has more than 30 years of practical experience developing and implementing successful strategies to take advantage of emerging technologies and new business models. He is currently CEO of Spark Partners, Content Laboratory, Inc. and Soparfilm Energy Corporation. Additionally, Adam Chairs the Audit Committee on the Board of Directors for Six Dimensions Global (SIXD,) and has been on the Board at several privately held companies. Adam provides board advisory services via the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) where he is a Fellow and regular speaker on risk management across multiple industries. Adam is the No. 1 Leadership columnist for with over 3 million readers, and quarterly Leadership columnist for CIO Magazine. He has been featured in dozens of journals, including Adweek, Washington Times and BBC television. Adam received his MBA from the Harvard Business School with Distinction and continues to travel the globe leading risk management workshops as well as conference and management meeeting keynotes.

Amazon (AMZN): The Ant and the Elephant Story

The US e-commerce market is just under 10% the size of entire retail market. On the face of it this would indicate that …

Facebook (FB): No Investigation Measures Up Against This Empire’s Compelling Investment Opportunity

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) CEO recently took a drubbing by America’s Congresspeople.

Apple Inc. (AAPL): Warren Buffett Loads Up Shares – Here’s Why You Should Be Wary

In February, Berkshire Hathaway revealed it had dumped its IBM position. Good riddance to a stock that has gone down for 5 years while …

Walmart Inc’s (WMT) Surprising Tumble – Analysts Never Learn, Will You?

On February 20, 2018 Walmart Inc’s (NYSE:WMT) stock had its biggest price drop ever. And the second biggest percentage decline ever.

Why Investors Should Support Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Merger with SolarCity Corp (SCTY)

In early August Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) announced it would be buying SolarCity Corp (NASDAQ:SCTY). The New York Times discussed how this combination …

How the Fed Works, and Why You Don’t Need to Be Worried

Last weekend the Federal Reserve Board’s leadership met to discuss the future of America’s monetary policy. Reports out of that meeting, like reports …

Can Jet.Com Save Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT) From Sears’ Fate?

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT) is in more trouble than its leadership wants to acknowledge, and investors need to realize that it is up …

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) and LinkedIn Corp (LNKD) – Same Song, Different Key

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is buying LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD), and we should expect this to be a disaster. It is clear why LinkedIn agreed …

Apple Inc. (AAPL): A Defend & Extend Strategy

My last column focused on growth, and the risks inherent in a Growth stall.  As I mentioned then, Apple will enter a Growth …

Netflix, Inc (NFLX) Performs The First Strategy Double Pivot In Business History

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) has been a remarkable company.

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