Smarter Analyst was established to fill a gap in financial reporting for sell-side investors, where they can read exclusive reports in real time. The financial news blog provides coverage of unique analyst insights, and outstanding articles from knowledgeable contributors, in addition to the latest stock market news, all hand-picked by our editors.

The name first sprang to life when Ben Yoffe, financial journalist and the founder of the site, decided the site would go beyond just looking at headlines to uncover the news that is most compelling to individual investors. Smarter Analyst cares about delivering exclusive reports in real time, but likewise placing them in the context of which is the “smartest analyst.”

Using innovative technology and relying on Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, every slice of market buzz Smarter Analyst reports comes with the track records of these experts, opening the window to who is generating the best profits and making the wisest stock recommendations. The site dishes out coverage of equities research, standout analyst insights, as well as key articles from savvy contributors, all while Smarter Analyst is keeping up with all the urgent stock market news.