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James Cordier is the author of McGraw-Hill's The Complete Guide to Option Selling, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Editions. He is also founder and president of OptionSellers.com, an investment firm specializing in writing options for high net-worth investors. James can be reached through his website at www.OptionSellers.com where a free guide to selling options is available to qualified investors.

‘Perfect Storm’ of Bearish Fundamentals Could Sink Crude Oil Soon

Martin Conrad, chief investment strategist at C.I.G. made a disturbing observation for stock traders in …

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With Fed Behind Us, Markets Return to Fundamental Focus in October

(Video Transcript) Hello everyone, this is Michael Gross, director of research here at OptionSellers.com. I’m …

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Natural Gas Price Rally Makes Selling Call Options an Attractive and Fundamentally Sound Strategy

I’ve been asked if I favor the short side of markets – a perpetual bear …

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The Slow Grind Lower in Gold Prices is Holiday Cheer for Option Sellers

Unlike most other commodities, precious metals have less to do with supply and demand and …

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Learn How to Potentially Profit from the “Hidden” Fundamentals of Crude Oil

by James Cordier & Michael Gross An outsider watching the prices of crude oil shift …

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A Game Changer in Crude Oil

Our original price target for summer crude oil was $70. But the playing field in …

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A Trading Affair Could Be Profitable For Summer Gold Traders

Analysts rarely get much attention for writing about “fairly priced” or “balanced” markets. But astute …

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Bulls Still Running In Crude Oil

  If the fight between crude oil bulls and bears is reaching a conclusion, it’s …

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