Each week Forcerank runs a variety of games covering different industries. What we have found, is that the top three ranked companies in their respective games deliver the biggest positive price movement for that week. This week the winners include popular names like Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) and, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN).

Twitter Inc

Twitter has been the most popular stock over the past 3 days, after rumors broke that management was inching closer to sale. Shares spiked over 20% on Friday alone and have nearly reached 10% gains at the start of this week. The list of possible suitors include heavy hitters like Microsoft, Google, Disney and Salesforce. So far there is no indication that one is more likely than the others to emerge victorious, but there certainly seems to be more legitimacy around these rumors than in the past. Outside of takeover talk, Twitter is gaining steam from the recent slew of newsworthy events. Thursday night football which now streams on the platform is already being deemed a success while Monday night’s presidential debate was a breeding ground for new tweets. This week, Twitter was ranked third in the social media game, a strong signal that the stock still has room to run., Inc.

Week after week Amazon shares have reached record highs on its path to $1000. Just last week the online retailer eclipsed the $800 mark and is now trading near $830. It’s easy to tell that the stock is overvalued but most investors still wouldn’t advise betting against them. Amazon and Jeff Bezos constantly prove why they are a pioneer for technology and innovation. Late last week, Argus raised its call on the stock from hold to buy with a $935 price target. If you weren’t lucky enough to hold a position in the past few years it’s still not too late. The Forcerank consensus has correctly ranked the tech giant in the top position of the ecommerce contests for multiple weeks.