Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) was the highest ranked stock in the inaugural enterprise software game. The tech giant is making headlines lately with the release of its Xbox One S, the rumored death of its Lumia devices, and a huge win on the CRM front. New reports claim that Microsoft is set to kill off sales of its Lumia devices in favor of a potential Surface smartphone. Microsoft’s phone business never really had a chance to compete against Apple and Samsung. By moving on this opens up an opportunity to focus on many profitable sectors such as cloud computing. This week Microsoft also snactched up a 6 year contract with HP that will migrate its sales process from Salesforce to MS Dynamics CRM. These type of deals should become more prominent when LinkedIn is fully integrated in the platform.

We are just days away from Oracle Corporation’s (NYSE:ORCL) fiscal first quarter earnings report.  Depending on how the company reports the stock is likely to trend closer to the upper or lower bounds. Oracle has been finding success lately with earnings and revenue growth prepared to turn positive for the first time in a while. Analysts at Estimize are looking for earnings per share of 59 cents on $8.76 billion in revenue. Compared a year earlier this represents a 12% jump on the bottom line and 3% on the top. Historically the stock has traded sideways leading up  and through an earnings report.

Cyber security has been one of the fastest growing sectors this year. The PureFunds Cyber Security ETF (HACK) which tracks the movement in this space was up about 5% in August as the need for data protection grows more abundant. Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC) is one of the clear winners in this space driven by strong earnings and a handful of analyst upgrades. Shares of the cybersecurity company rose 18.1% in August and should continue to rise in the coming months. On the downside, its stock chart is starting to flash signs of a downturn. Most widely used technicals indicate that shares are overbought and should edge down soon.