These Analysts Bearish on Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA), Bullish on Apple Inc. (AAPL); Here’s Why

Technology giants Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) and Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) are about to report earnings. Read below to see why these two analysts maintain opposing ratings for their respective stock calls.

Tesla Motors Inc

UBS analyst Colin Langan is expecting a second-quarter miss for Tesla Motors. He weighs in on the stock ahead of the company’s earnings, reiterating a Sell rating with a price target of $160.00.

According to the analyst, investors can expect EPS of -$0.78. His estimates lie $0.27 below consensus EPS estimates of -$0.51. The analyst affirms that Tesla’s Q2 outlook indicates that the company will see its second quarter of negative year-over-year growth, consecutively.

Cheaper models of Tesla cars and slowing deliveries are expected to keep the company’s margins narrowing. The analyst expects the roll-out of the lower-margin Model 3 to cause a slump in Model S demand. According to the analyst, “We see few positive catalysts until the Model 3 launch late next year. Until then, we see risks around production targets, Model S demand & TSLA Energy growth. We are cautious on the SCTY deal as synergies seem limited.”

The analyst lowers his 2016 EPS from $0.10 to -$0.30 in order to reflect lower FY deliveries and secondary offering dilution. In addition, the analyst lowers his 2017 EPS from $0.40 to $0.20, his 2018 EPS from -$0.80 to -$0.90, his 2019 EPS estimates from $2.45 to $2.15. and his 2020 EPS estimates from $3.00 to $2.60 in order to reflect lower Model X ASP, margins, and increased share count.

According to TipRanks, the consensus target price for TSLA is $266.94, marking a 16.06% upside from current prices. Currently, 40% of analysts issue a Buy rating for TSLA, while another 40% issue a Hold rating, and 20% uphold a Sell rating for the stock.

Colin Langan is ranked #233 of 4,079 analysts on TipRanks. He maintains a success rate of 63% and an average return of 12.8%. When rating Tesla, the analyst maintains a 29% success rate and an average loss of 6.7%.

Apple Inc.

Ahead of Apple’s Q2 earnings report, UBS analyst Steven Milunovich weighed in the stock reiterating a Buy rating with a target price of $115.00. Apple’s earnings are expected to be a largely “neutral” event, and sentiments are mixed among the analyst community on how well the company did in Q2.

The analyst notes that consumer smartphone interest is at its lowest point since 2008, and this appears to be a global trend. According to the analyst, “451 Research’s June smartphone survey of 4,168 North American consumers found smartphone buying interest at the lowest levels since 2008. Samsung has gained momentum while Apple has held steady. The weakness likely extends globally.”

Consumer interest levels in the iPhone 7 could be highly similar to that of the iPhone 6s, explains Milunovich. The analyst provides, “451 Research asked how likely consumers are to buy the iPhone 7. Responses showed interest levels similar to the iPhone 6s. Only 8% were “very likely” and 17% “somewhat likely” to buy the iPhone 7. In the survey last June, 8% responded “very likely” and 16% “somewhat likely” to buy the iPhone 6s.”

The analyst believes that downside risks exist if iPhone sales continue to decline greater than 5-10% per year. The analyst upholds that iPhone sales will stabilize in FY17 and grow roughly 15% in F18 on a strong upgrade cycle.

According to TipRanks, 82% of analysts currently issue a Buy rating for AAPL, 13% maintain a Hold rating, and 5% uphold a Sell rating for the stock. The consensus target price for AAPL is $123.34, marking a 26.71% upside from current prices.

Steven Milunovich is ranked #1,502 of 4,079 analysts on TipRanks with a success rate of 46% and an average return of 1.3%. When rating AAPL, the analyst maintains a 36% success rate and an average loss of 0.9%.

  • joeinslw

    Apple got a pop today but the analysts are saying it’s only a pop, it will go back down again in a few days, because the greedy traders will sell and it will go back down to the low 90’s.

  • joeinslw

    Tesla on the other hand will continue it’s up side when the Gigafactory opens on July 29th 2016 at 1 Electric Avenue, Sparks, Nevada it will get national news coverage, just what Elon ordered, how appropriate is the name of that town?
    Don’t you guys get it, Mr. (Tesla) Musk can’t be stopped anymore, try as you shorts may, you will be covering, and staining your shorts once again, just like in 2012, and 2013!

  • Bobmn

    The best case on Apple is double your money. For Tesla, the best case is 100 fold in 10 years, 40~50 fold is highly likely. Shorts have NO clue. I will say it one more time, they have NO CLUE what they are doing. On the other hand, the down side on Apple maybe 20%. The down side on Tesla, worst case is losing all your capital, which is a very small possibility. Shorts are doomed.