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Barclays and Goldman Sachs Weigh In: Will Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) or Google Inc (GOOG) Win the Self-Driving Car Race

  • Max Pelletier

    The problem I see here, is with Pooled shared Autonomous vehicles.

    If 18 person per car is the right number, probably 10 out of those 18 people go to work at 8 am. So they are all going to fight for the car. the other 8 are going to school roughly at the same time. So there won’t be enough cars available at peek hours if the fleet is divided by between 9 an 18.

    As for family autonomous vehicles, having the car go bach home at every trip will just create traffic jam full of empty cars in mid-morning.

    Still, if all cars go electric, at least it won’t be creating more polution, but it wont end traffic jams, it will make them worse.

    • Mina ord

      Yeah and if guy before me is drunk and puke in the car or if its just a slobby one I wouldn’t wanna ride in it.

  • Michael Wengler

    Pooled or shared cars is NOT an issue, or at least not as directly as suggested here. If the cars get a heavier utilization because they are shared or pooled, then they will either wear out faster and need to be replaced faster, or they will need to be more robust, which means they will have higher value in the first place. What I am saying is that if the total number of vehicle-miles per year keeps going up, then the auto industry as a whole is still selling into a growing market to provide those vehicle-miles. If cars are used 10X as much as they are now and there are 1/10 the number of cars, they will be replace 10X as often.

  • I think the shared car idea should actually affect taxi services, rather than car owners. A fleet of autonomous taxi’s would offer substantial cost savings to operators. I think a small amount of people would get into sharing their own cars, but there’s a possibility friends may co-own a luxury or sports type car that’s not used for daily driving. That would be interesting.