The Shanghai composite rose approximately +0.9% in trading on Monday, rising sharply after most regional markets sputtered on the updated (finalized) HSBC/Markit PMI reading for April, which came in at 48.9, levels not seen in more than a year.

After the revised data hit newswires, the Shanghai comp dipped into negative territory, however quickly recovered and pushed higher throughout the afternoon session, the latest example of the “it’s so bad, it’s good” trade (awful economic data would compel policymakers to apply stimulus).

Main sectors gaining on the day supported the notion that hopes were pinned on a stimulus package; basic utilities (electricity, gas, water), steel, transportation, and logistics stocks were all higher on the day.

For investors in US-listed China stocks, those shares may see a sympathy rally as investors look for exposure to the theme. While Mainland shares have been in rally mode for almost 6 months (kicking off when the government suggested it was a good idea for Chinese to buy stocks), US-listed names have only recently joined the party.

Mainland investors are clearly betting on Beijing doing more to help the economy, which if true, could also help boost the prospects of those companies traded in the US. Official plans include tech in plans to revitalize the Chinese economy (the “Internet+” theme), suggesting that there is effectively a green-light from authorities to foster further development of China’s technology infrastructure.

The PowerShares Gld Drg Haltr USX China(ETF) (NYSE ARCA:PGJ), recently pulled back after its +%30 bull-run which began in mid-March, however seeing Mainland markets increase the pressure on authorities for stimulus, could re-ignite interest in some of those names.