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I satisfy both sides of my brain by following two different systems, devoting about half my portfolio to each: 1) Fundamental investor using Free Cash Flow as defined by Buffett's 1987 shareholder letter. Invest only in predictable, undervalued stocks with good management. Buy with a Margin of Safety, Sell at Intrinsic Value. Hold cash when nothing is available at my price. Use the Kelly Formula to determine optimum fraction to invest in each stock which maximizes the amount of money you win over a lifetime of investing. 2) Use an ETF trend-following system along with technical analysis and a signal to leave the markets and go to cash. Store my portfolio - and my brain - on the web at, Inc. Stock: Primed for Perfection (AMZN)

The stock of online retailer, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is seriously overvalued.

  • Matt

    garbage article. omits Amazon’s strategy of conquering through investment and expansion rather than pleasing shareholders quarterly. Using “Warren Buffet” anything with a tech stock is like using a juicer to cook a steak. Ignorant author.

  • Deepu

    “what’s to prevent Wal-Mart from teaming with FedEx Corporation (NYSE:FDX) (or hell using drones) and using their stores as a base for speedy home delivery?” – That explains the author knows nothing about e-commerce or the last mile delivery.