NASDAQ: CHRS– We recommended investors buy Coherus a few weeks ago under the IPO price when it was trading around $13.10.  The stock has soared to as high as near $17 this past week for a nice 25% gain for those of you who followed our advice.  Coherus is a Biotech that we like for 2015 due to them being a pure play in the Biosimilars area of medicine.  They basically mimic the chemistry make up of popular drugs and then run them through trials and they have 3 in Phase 3 right now. The 3 drugs they are going after had 14 Billion in sales in 2014.  Some of the worlds top bio investors own the stock and bought more on the $14 IPO.

NASDAQ: CNCE–  Concert Pharmaceuticals we recently E-mailed you about and it has since ran up another 15% to near $14 from $12.20 the time of our write up.  They are working on “Dueterated” versions of existing drugs with current partners JAZZ, AVNR (Just bought out), and CELG.  Big names in the drug industry want to find ways to make their high selling drugs last longer and with more strength, less risk, less dosage.  That is what Concert specializes in, and we see them emerging as a growth stock and probably bought out before 1-2 years go by.

ONCS– Oncosec Medical.  This Biotech is working in the combinatorial immunotherapy sector of Biotech. We like the fact that their Chief Medical Officer has 50 published and peer reviewed papers on the subject to which they are attacking and he left Merck to join them 12 months ago.  They are currently in a phase2b trial with a Merck drug that they believe they can increase the efficacy and response rate on by combining with ONCS technology.  Previous work in various trials says this will be the case. We think if the Phase 2 b trial is successful the stock will quadruple if not more… its only a 100 million market cap. We own it at 44 cents as 2% of our portfolio.  One to watch in 2015.  It ran up from 43 to 50 in the week or so following our E-mail on it, and now back near 46.  We think it can reach $2.00 in 2015 possibly.

NASDAQ: OREX– We wrote about them in May and we continue to think they have the best obesity drug on the market and will take share and the stock will soar in 2015. End of story… we own it from low 5’s.

NASDAQ: BLUE we recommended at $23 in late May its now $93…. KITE we recommended in October at $33 its now $63.  When we see a Biotech that is doing things others are not and under the radar, we get long and we write about them. CNAT is also up 15% on Friday and we have been pounding the table on that one from $6.50 and onward since the summer.

NASDAQ: CNAT– Data is due out in January, we have written extensively on CNAT and we own it since June, and we last added in the low 6’s.  Its now 8.25.  Data points are coming on Thursday this week. Our target has been $12-$19